• Image of Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur [DVD]

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is a 60-minute documentary built around a 20-minute interview of Steve Jobs in 1994 that was conducted by the Silicon Valley Historical Association.

Steve Jobs was asked to give advice to young entrepreneurs who wanted to go out and start their own businesses. He talks about risk and the willingness to fail, the role of building illegal blue boxes prior to founding Apple Computer, and his philosophy on how to approach life.

Nolan Bushnell (founder, Atari) talks about Jobs and Woz working at Atari. Woz and Mike Markkula (founders, Apple) discuss starting Apple. Company founders of Oracle, Adobe, and Sun Microsystems discuss Steve Jobs' impact on their lives and businesses.

​Silicon Valley Historical Association president, John McLaughlin, who interviewed each participant, narrates.

The mission of the Silicon Valley Historical Association is to record personalities in reference to the European Renaissance. Renaissance experts and company founders describe parallels between Silicon Valley and the Renaissance period. If we could nominate a "Renaissance Man" for our times, it would be Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is an extended version of the Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life film (which is no longer available).

Production Date: 2013
Playing Time: 60 Minutes