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SILICON VALLEY captures the culture, history and spirit of a remarkable innovation powerhouse. Narrated by the legendary Leonard Nimoy, this program takes you through the early years of the founding of Stanford University, Hewlett-Packard, Varian, Fairchild, Intel and Apple.

The founders of Apple, HP, Intel, Fairchild, Atari, AMD, Sun, NVIDIA, Bloom Energy, Serious Energy, Shockley Semiconductor, IXYS, Lam Research, Oracle, SanDisk, Adaptec, 3Com, Octel, Netscape, Silicon Graphics, Adobe, Intuit, Coherent, Linear Technology, Cirrus Logic, Rolm, Therma, Cypress, Trimble and others, as well as Nobel Laureates, inventors, Renaissance experts, and Silicon Valley experts tell the story firsthand on how and why Silicon Valley is so different than any other place on Earth.

Segments in this series include:

In the Beginning: from the founding of Stanford University through the 1980s. Playing Time: 24 Minutes.

Enter the Internet: the Dot.com boom and bust. The worldwide financial crisis and a light at the end of the tunnel. Playing Time: 23 Minutes.

A Different Kind of Culture: attitudes about disruptive technologies, risk and failure. Playing Time: 23 Minutes.

Renaissance Parallels: similarities between Silicon Valley and the Italian Renaissance are explored by a team of experts. Playing Time: 22 Minutes.

Finding Silicon Valley: company founders and inventors discuss how they arrived in Silicon Valley - from having a free couch to sleep on to getting laid off. Playing Time: 22 Minutes.

Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life is included in this DVD set. In a rare, unchoreographed, interview about how young people should approach life, Steve Jobs talks about taking risks, changing your surroundings and how people will not appreciate his inventions after he’s gone. Playing Time: 30 Minutes.

Production Date: July 2012
Playing Time: 145 minutes
UPC: 610694102654

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